Advanced Online Condition Monitoring

The Online Condition Monitoring system VIBGUARD offers parallel and synchronous data acquisition on 20 analogue channels VIBGUARD continuously protects even most complex assets of unplanned shutdowns. High performance diagnostic tasks are carried out autonomously for ensuring maximum productivity.

VIBGUARD measures time signals, overall values, FFT spectra, shock pulse, orbits and much more on 20 parallel channels for almost all kind of signal inputs. Vibration, Tacho Pulse, temperature and any other relevant diagnostic inputs like torque are processed and can be correlated to the actual manufacturing process. Measurements are integrated seamlessly to process control systems via a Modbus interface. Intelligent data management tools allow for efficient data reduction.

  • 20 parallel channels
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Seamless integration to control systems
  • Various configurations available
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Intelligent data reduction

Online Condition Monitoring with VIBGUARD by PRUFTECHNIK


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