ROTALIGN Ultra Hydropower

Alignment of hydro turbines with a flip

ROTALIGN Ultra Hydropower uses the high-end ROTALIGN Ultra platform and INCLINEO, a high precision electronic inclinometer, for a quick and precise identification of turbine alignment.

All important turbine alignment parameters are displayed, such as shaft static plumbness, shaft runout and thrust bearing levelness, including corrections.

Compared to the time-consuming traditional methods, ROTALIGN Ultra Hydropower guarantees shortened turbine installation and overhaul time to help cut maintenance and operating costs.

  • Fast identification of turbine alignment condition: shaft static plumbness, shaft runout and thrust bearing levelness
  • Precise, repeatable and documented measurements
  • Minimized human error impact
  • Wireless communication
  • Integrated PDF reporting capability
  • High measurement quality through readings interpolation

Precision maintenance and machine monitoring since 1998