OPTALIGN Smart RS5 Straightness

Straightness measurement in two dimensions

What is straight on one axis might be bent on another. Damages due to external factors such as a hit, a weak foundation or component wear may result in production defects and scrap.

With OPTALIGN smart RS5, PRUFTECHNIK introduces a solution for machine geometry that is easy to use and delivers straightness results on both axes with only one measurement.

Designed for all industrial straightness applications including straightness of machine beds, bearing positioning, aligning rail and track sections, aligning roll profiles and much more.

OPTALIGN smart RS5 Straightness is available as a cost-effective upgrade for existing OPTALIGN smart RS5 shaft users, or as a stand-alone solution.

  • Straightness results on both axes with only one measurement
  • Improvement of machine geometry
  • Easy operation
  • Bluetooth communication

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